MIPS - Advancing Care Information - Clinical Information Reconciliation

Advancing Care Information Measures
Measure ID ACI_HIE_3
Category ACI
Description For at least one transition of care or referral received or patient encounter in which the MIPS eligible clinician has never before encountered the patient, the MIPS eligible clinician performs clinical information reconciliation. The MIPS eligible clinician must implement clinical information reconciliation for the following three clinical information sets: (1) Medication. Review of the patient's medication, including the name, dosage, frequency, and route of each medication. (2) Medication allergy. Review of the patient's known medication allergies. (3) Current Problem list. Review of the patient's current and active diagnoses.
Definition of Terms
  • Transition of Care – The movement of a patient from one setting of care (hospital, ambulatory primary care practice, ambulatory, specialty care practice, long-term care, home health, rehabilitation facility) to another. At a minimum, this includes all transitions of care and referrals that are ordered by the MIPS eligible clinician.
  • Current problem lists – At a minimum, a list of current and active diagnoses.
  • Active/current medication list – A list of medications that a given patient is currently taking.
  • Active/current medication allergy list – A list of medications to which a given patient has known allergies.
  • Allergy – An exaggerated immune response or reaction to substances that are generally not harmful.
eMeasure ID
First Performance Year 2017
Last Performance Year
Metric Type proportion
Reporting Category Performance Bonus
Weight ten
Objective Health Information Exchange
Is Required?
Is Bonus?
Substitutes ACI_TRANS_MR_1
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