MIPS - Advancing Care Information - Patient-Specific Education

Advancing Care Information Measures
Measure ID ACI_PEA_2
Category ACI
Description The MIPS eligible clinician must use clinically relevant information from certified EHR technology to identify patient-specific educational resources and provide electronic access to those materials to at least one unique patient seen by the MIPS eligible clinician.
Definition of Terms
  • Patient-Specific Education Resources Identified by CEHRT – Resources or a topic area of resources identified through logic built into certified EHR technology, which evaluates information about the patient and suggests education resources that would be of value to the patient.
eMeasure ID
First Performance Year 2017
Last Performance Year
Metric Type proportion
Reporting Category Performance Bonus
Weight ten
Objective Patient Electronic Access
Is Required?
Is Bonus?
Substitutes ACI_TRANS_PSE_1
Registry Measure Spec
Web Interface Measure Spec
Claims Measure Spec

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