MIPS - Improvement Activities - Implementation of medication management practice improvements

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Measure ID IA_PM_16
Category IA
Title Implementation of medication management practice improvements
Description Manage medications to maximize efficiency, effectiveness and safety that could include one or more of the following: Reconcile and coordinate medications and provide medication management across transitions of care settings and eligible clinicians or groups; Integrate a pharmacist into the care team; and/or Conduct periodic, structured medication reviews.
eMeasure ID
First Performance Year 2017
Last Performance Year
Metric Type boolean
Weight medium
Sub-category ID Population Management
CEHRT Eligibility
Bonus under ACI
Varidation Inclusion of medication management practice improvements
Suggested Documentation 1) Documented Medication Reviews or Reconciliation - Patient medical records demonstrating periodic structured medication reviews or reconciliation; or 2) Integrated Pharmacist - Evidence of pharmacist integrated into care team; or 3) Reconciliation Across Transitions - Reconciliation and coordination of mediations across transitions of care; or 4) Medication Management Improvement Plan - Report detailing medication management practice improvement plan and outcomes, if available
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