MIPS - Improvement Activities - Engagement of community for health status improvement

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Measure ID IA_PM_5
Category IA
Title Engagement of community for health status improvement
Description Take steps to improve health status of communities, such as collaborating with key partners and stakeholders to implement evidenced-based practices to improve a specific chronic condition. Refer to the local Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for additional steps to take for improving health status of communities as there are many steps to select from for satisfying this activity. QIOs work under the direction of CMS to assist MIPS eligible clinicians and groups with quality improvement, and review quality concerns for the protection of beneficiaries and the Medicare Trust Fund.
eMeasure ID
First Performance Year 2017
Last Performance Year
Metric Type boolean
Weight medium
Sub-category ID Population Management
CEHRT Eligibility
Bonus under ACI
Varidation Activity to improve specific chronic condition within the community is being undertaken
Suggested Documentation 1) Documentation of Partnership in the Community - Screenshot of website or other correspondence identifying key partners and stakeholders and relevant initiative including specific chronic condition; and 2) Steps for Improving Community Health Status - Report detailing steps being taken to satisfy the activity including, e.g., timeline, purpose, and outcome that is in compliance with the local QIO
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