MIPS - Quality Measures

Advancing Care Information Measures
Improvement Activities Measures


Measure ID Title eMeasure ID Measure Type NQF ID High Priority Submission Methods Risk Adjusted? Registry Measure?
ACRad16 Report Turnaround Time: Ultrasound (Excluding Breast US) (Inverse Measure) Outcome
ACRad17 Report Turnaround Time: MRI (Inverse Measure) Outcome
ACRad18 Report Turnaround Time: CT (Inverse Measure) Outcome
ACRad19 Report Turnaround Time: PET (Inverse Measure) Outcome
ACRad2 CT Colonography Clinically Significant Extracolonic Findings (Inverse Measure) Outcome
ACRad21 Lung Cancer Screening Cancer Detection Rate (CDR) Outcome
ACRad22 Lung Cancer Screening Positive Predictive Value (PPV) Outcome
ACRad23 Lung Cancer Screening Abnormal Interpretation Rate Outcome
ACRad25 Report Turnaround Time: Mammography Outcome
ACRad26 Appropriate venous access for hemodialysis Process
ACRad27 Uterine artery embolization technique: Documentation of angiographic endpoints and interrogation of ovarian arteries Process
ACRad28 Rate of early peristomal infection following fluoroscopically guided gastrostomy tube placement Outcome

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