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Measure ID IA_PM_1
Category IA
Title Participation in systematic anticoagulation program
Description Participation in a systematic anticoagulation program (coagulation clinic, patient self-reporting program, patient self-management program)for 60 percent of practice patients in year 1 and 75 percent of practice patients in year 2 who receive anti-coagulation medications (warfarin or other coagulation cascade inhibitors).
eMeasure ID
First Performance Year 2017
Last Performance Year
Metric Type boolean
Weight high
Sub-category ID Population Management
CEHRT Eligibility
Bonus under ACI
Varidation Documented participation of patients in a systematic anticoagulation program. Could be supported by claims.
Suggested Documentation 1) Patients Receiving Anti-Coagulation Medications - Total number of patients receiving anticoagulation medications; and 2) Percentage of that Total Participating in a Systematic Anticoagulation Program - Documented number of referrals to a coagulation/anti-coagulation clinic; number of patients performing patient self-reporting (PST); or number of patients participating in selfmanagement (PSM).
Registry Measure Spec
Web Interface Measure Spec
Claims Measure Spec

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